Thursday, September 1, 2016

5th Period Learning Walk

Our 5th period learning walk was another huge success.

Those that walked and learned were:

Felecia Myers, Julie Kramer, Adam Bulkeley, Deb Hight, Tim Sparacino, Blake Cook, Jannan Foster, Ashley Jones, Amanda Barham, and Susan Perkins.

Teachers visited were:

Carrie Beach, Libby Brown, Jennifer Bushong, Tamara Carter, Heather Crumpler, Kayce Schafer, and Scott Terrell.

As we visited classrooms, we saw:
  • A couple of examples of using bell ringer activities to continue to build relationships.
  • The use and graphing of “real” data.
  • Writing in Science.
  • Technology integration.
  • Interactive notebooks/planners.
  • Numerous engagement strategies (Tin Man, Barbie Bungee, Selfie Challenge, Ball Challenge).
During the walk, a student told me, “This is fun!  So much better than a worksheet.”

The same could be said for learning walks.  They’re fun.

Thanks to those that participated and I hope that you’re all able to join at least one walk (with me or your PLC) this year.

Tim Sparacino, Principal